Visit by NoOffence to De Woenselse PoortAccompanied by Frans Douw and Suzanne Vis, directors of the 'Herstel en Terugkeer' foundation and Peter Sanders, director of Security Professionals, the No Offence directors paid a working visit to De Woenselse Poort. This visit was related to the International Redemption & Justice Award that was won by Toon Walravens in October 2013. The guests were welcomed by a Clinic Manager and by two health workers envolved in  recovery care.

Dutch forensic care system

The initiative to visit De Woenselse Poort was born out of curiosity and an interest in the Dutch forensic care system. The Netherlands has a unique forensic care system and the foreign guests asked many questions about policy and programmes. The visitors were very impressed with the HKT-spider, an instrument which is used to measure and visualise treatment programmes for clients.

Read more about the HKT-spider

Guided tour and talks with clients

The guests visited the animal project, the work and activity groups and the social sofa. Several wards were also visited and the guests met with clients and care workers of the outdoor group de Tuin (the Garden). Of course there was also a meeting with the clients and helpers of the Client service point and a client spoke about his experiences with the guests in excellent English.

No Offence Award

No Offence director Sue Clifford posed one last question and that was whether De Woenselse Poort would be interested in designing the 2014 No Offence Awards. Naturally with was met with a positive answer.

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