At every treatment plan meeting we look at the factors a client has booked progress with and which factors the team may have to help him with. The problems we focus on together with the client are hereafter called risk factors. These risk factors are plotted in a spider diagram.

Work on problems

The diagram shows in which areas the client is progressing and which factors he may still be needing help and assistance with. During treatment and daily activities the client will work on problems and learn skills that will help him deal with people and situations in a better and safer way. Each improvement can lead to a positive change in the diagram.

Rejoining society

After showing sufficient improvement, the team will discuss plans with the client with a view to rejoining society. Back in the community he will come across those risk factors (pitfalls) again. If the treatment has been successful then the client will have learned how to deal with those risks properly and he will stay in control of his life.

Read more about the HKT-30 in the pamphlet The HKT spider in your treatment program in De Woenselse Poort

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