The Client Service Centre was set up with a view to offering clients more support
and opportunities. The Centre is run for and by clients with the help of ex-client coaches and professional care workers. They can be called upon to help clients to help themselves and develop their skills and acquire general knowledge, separate from their treatment program and hospital ward.

What can the Client Service Centre offer?

The Client Service Centre can help clients in all wards within De Woenselse Poort in a variety of ways. The Client Service Centre:

  • Has clients’ interests at heart
  • Is a place to meet up with one another for a cup of coffee or a chat
  • Provides information and advice
  • Organizes training courses, theme meetings and recreational activities
  • Coordinates supplementary volunteer work
  • Offers practical training
  • Is where you can find work groups, client councils and discussion groups.


By mutual consent, anyone who is interested in more and sufficiently motivated can choose from a variety of possibilities including:

  • Courses directed towards recovery
  • Health & lifestyle training
  • Getting in touch with the client council
  • Recreational activities (karaoke, bingo, barbeque)
  • Attending informative theme meetings (eg. Lifestyle, money matters)
  • Helping to organize activities
  • Volunteer work in collaboration with one’s counsellor
  • Participate in discussion groups
  • Look into on-the-job training or education opportunities together with the counsellor.

There are also computers available for clients to use.


You can find the Client Service Centre on the first floor above De Woenselse Poort’s Socio-Centre.

Read more about the activities of the Client Service Centre in the pamphlet.

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