Clients who are treated within De Woenselse Poort may have:

  • enduring, chronic psychoses
  • a form of autism
  • personality disorders
  • mental disability
  • psychiatric problems in combination with an addiction.

Tailored treatment

Treatment is tailored as much as possible to the needs of the client. A client may undergo different kinds of therapy, participate in activities or work. Each client is assigned a psychiatrist or psychologist and a social worker. On the ward, the client is assigned one or more personal coaches.

What our clients learn

  • communication and cooperation skills
  • responsible use of medicine(s)
  • how to recognize signals that warn him/her of a worsening condition
  • in which ways he/she can structure their lives through work, volunteer work and hobbies.

High security level wards

The wards at 84 and 86 Dr. Poletlaan house people with psychiatric disorders who have committed crimes and who have been sentenced for these crimes by the court. These clients are admitted into the Woenselse Poort’s closed, secure clinic.

Moderate security level wards

When clients are ready for more independence and there is less need for security, they can move on to a ward located at 72 Dr. Poletlaan. These wards have a lower level of security to match the phase of the client’s treatment.

This area is completely separate from the high security complex and has its own entry procedures. From these wards a client may progress to one of De Woenselse Poorts’ (low security level) houses found on the estate grounds of De Grote Beek.

Outpatient care

De Woenselse Poort is also home to the forensic outpatient clinic ‘De Omslag’ (‘The Switch’), which offers ambulatory and part-time care programs.

Intensive care

De Woenselse Poort provides intensive care within its Clinic for Intensive Care and Long-Care units, to which clients can be admitted who have either a criminal or civil involuntary commitment order. Most of these clients are sent here when treatment in other institutions has failed.

Read more about De Woenselse Poort in our pamphlet ‘Guide to De Woenselse Poort’

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